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After my car accident I had terrible headaches, extreme leg, neck, back, and shoulder pain. I went to Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic for care. The doctors and staff at Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic were very informative every step of the way. They really had my best interest in mind. Now I feel like I have 100% health again.
— Tommy J.,

My girls and I were treated after a car accident. Our treatments were great. Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic is the first place we come after a car accident. We always leave feeling much better.
— Diane W.,
Granite Falls

I was in a car accident at 50 mph on I-5. I severely injured my neck and back and fractured a rib. I came to Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic. I always felt confident with the office staff. The care I received from the doctors was done in a professional matter. I never thought chiropractic could make such a difference in my life.
— John W.,
Lake Stevens

The entire staff at Lake Stevens Chiropractic Clinic is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in finding appointment times to accommodate my schedule. Although chiropractic care is not a quick fix, when coupled with the massage therapy that the doctor prescribed for me, I felt improvement almost immediately.
— Morrine C.,

I've been dealing with back pain for a long time. When I came into your office for a consultation, I was scared because the last time I saw a chiropractor, it didn't go well for me. When I came in for an adjustment yesterday, I didn't really think it would work, but I was hoping. When I stood up afterward, I could feel the difference right away. The excruciating pain shooting down my left leg, to my knee, was completely gone! Thank you so much! You have restored my faith in chiropractic care.
— Jennifer C.,

This place is truly a God send. They really care about the patient, they don't make you schedule to get money. Only schedule if needed Dr Gaddis is like a friend. All people working there are great and make you feel right at home. Couldn't recommend a place higher. Go get healthy and live life with less or no pain.
— Christian B.,
Lake Stevens, WA

Dr.Gaddis saved my life in a way. I was living in misery unable to do much due to extreme back pain. I had been to other Chiropractors and they helped some but I was still in pain. My husband started to go to Dr. Gaddis first and I couldn't believe the difference in him He had been in the hospital he was so bad. One treatment and he was able to go back to work so we both started going to him. We have been going to him for about 48 years and he keeps us both up and running! I have referred many people to him and he has helped them all. I don't know what we will do when he retires. He is the Greatest!
— Shirley S.,
Darrington, WA

The staff is top notch. I have been to 2 other chiropractors before and this office is hands down the best. I will never look at another office. Dr. Gaddis and his team is outstanding.
— Freedom R.,
Monroe, WA

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I found immediate relief and look forward to staying pain-free with your help. Dr Gaddis is the Best

Connie P.,

I always have the best care with Dr Gaddis. I just recently was treated by Dr Wise. She is awesome as well. I almost always get an emergency type appointment when needed. All the staff are great to work with. Thank you Lake Stevens Chiropractic for being such a great group to work with.

Carolyn C.,

They were awesome! Found a way to get me in, established as a new patient and adjusted when I was in severe pain and couldn't wait.


Very professional and knowledgeable. I like how they take the time to make sure what your problem is without just jumping in and adjusting you like other places I have been.


I experienced immediate results. Wish I would have discovered Dr. G years ago! I'm spreading the word to everyone I know! :)

Amy I.,

Check in is easy and fast and gives them a snap shot of your different ailments. Along with you get a chance to change your pain number with a click and then just to make sure so you can go back you click to finish. The wait time is no more than five minutes the last three times I have gone. It used to be longer when I would go there say three years ago. So they have really trimmed up the process. Their first visit is amazing being so thorough in how they check your back and neck. Loved all three times and am feeling better with each visit. I have been going to this office for about fifteen years and have always received sound advice and the best care; couldn't be happier.
— Robin H.,

The staff was professional with a friendly attitude of being of service. The new patient examination was very detailed and accurately pinpointed my problem areas. I received exceptional attention and my concerns were validated Thank you!

— Penelope P.,

My progress has been dramatic.

— Dorothy J.,

Good service and very friendly.

— John S.,

I felt like the staff was very welcoming, they all introduced themselves to me and shook my hand. I was so impressed, I have never had this happen before! Additionally, the initial exam was very through and every step was explained along the way. I really felt like I understood the entire process and I was given time to ask questions. I met both doctors and felt confident that either could help me with my chiropractic needs. I am looking forward to my next appointment. The doctor is very straight forward, no nonsense and wants to help his patients get relief!
— Jeanine S.,

Dr. Wise is amazing as always. The new receptionist is pretty awesome and super nice. The care was very thorough and suited all of my needs. The advice that was given to me was very thorough.

— Robert H.,

I was very impressed with the quality of care I received and the direct pinpointing of where my back was out. I have had a lot of knee pain. I knew it was my back being out as I could sit wrong and make my knee hurt without touching it.

So from a referral of a friend, I went here. They pinpointed two vertebrae that were out of place. Dr Gaddis had me stand up and pressed on them ... Read more

I have been to several Chiropractors in the past and have never had such a positive experience. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you!!

— Jennifer W.,

Dr. Gaddis and his staff are very personable and work hard to fit your scheduling needs.

— Colleen D.,

Can't say enough.
This was my first visit, and everything went great from getting checked in, to the evaluation, and adjustment.

Thank you!
— Anonymous,

I have had chiro for years and usually I would leave hurting more than before in my lower back right hip. Dr Gaddis did a different adjustment I have never experienced and I feel great! THANK YOU!! Great friendly staff, very knowledgeable, felt like family warm and caring. I will be back!

— Nichole F.,

Dr. Gaddis' office is courteous and professional in every aspect of handling my injuries and working with the insurance carriers. Most importantly I feel that the treatment paths that Dr. Gaddis is pursuing is making a difference in my recovery!

— Arthur B.,

My ongoing care with LS Chiropractic has been excellent all around and, as well, is providing poignant information as to actual muscle damage and/or residue, long-term pain. I've never had a doctor provide such a detailed summary of both my spine and the status of muscle / spine movement.

— Marilynn M.,

Excellent experience. The best Chiropractic care I have received compared to other offices I have visited.

— James H.,

Outstanding care , treatment is helping improve my condition , they are using latest an up to date technology for their field of work , their adjusting procedures are gentle , and not overly abrupt .hard abrupt adjusting can be bad if you have disc issues that a chiropractor might miss or isn't aware of .lake stevens chiropractic do not adjust that way, and I feel very comfortable an safe for me ,with that carefully done approach , with their chiropractic care . They also check you're progress with the latest scanning tools, to show adjustment improvement. I would recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic care, done the right way.
— Anonymous,

Really listens, gentle treatment, good results.

— Sharon J.,

Fast knowledge service. The staff and doctors are positive and helpful! Lake Stevens Chiropractic doctors and staff are very professional. I seldom wait more than 5 minutes bewfore being seen. Dr. Gaddis describes each process and explains what my body is needing in simple terms. I feel welcomed and secure in my care there.
— Sue W.,

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